Design: Classic & Contemporary

The surface treatment of decorative objects, whether new or for renovation, is a form of art in its own right.
PRODEC METAL’s skilled craftmanship is due to its original profession of silversmith, specialized in tableware and
jewelry, currently marketed under the trade name of “Orfèvrerie du Loup”.
The look, color, and shine are all finishes imagined by the greatest designers, interior designers and decorators.
They’re created right in PRODEC METAL’s workshops.
The treatment requires several steps: disassembly, stripping, brazing, bead blasting, black buffing, treatment of the electrolytic surface, polishing of the finish, varnishing, reassembly.
All of these preparations, deposit and finishing steps are checked and a certificate of conformity is issued.
A range of more than “ X “ decors, feasible on most metals as well as “x cm size” electrolytic baths make it possible to meet the most specific requests.
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