An expert in the field of electroplating and electroless plating, PRODEC METAL treats small and large size parts, simple and complex geometric surfaces, whatever the base and final purpose may be, decorative, mechanical or functional.

PRODEC METAL is active in the fields of aeronautics, industry and coin manufacturing.
Nearly half of our annual turnover (€4.5 M) is achieved via export to the European Economic Community and associated countries such as Switzerland giving them access to the American market.

PRODEC METAL is also knowledgeable when it comes to silversmithery, specialized in tableware and jewelry, via the Orfévrerie du Loup shop located at our manufacturing site.
Located near Bordeaux, in the heart of a dynamic region thanks to its aeronautic and aerospace industry, PRODEC METAL has technical workshops in Canéjan (Department 33, France) and sales offices in Mérignac (Department 33, France).
PRODEC METAL has ISO 9001 version 2008 certification, and is also ISO 14001 certified.

Following the fire in June 2011 which destroyed all of the manufacturing premises, initial solutions ere implemented in order to immediately meet our clients’ needs in terms of production.This emergency solution has provided satisfactory results so far, in both quality and deadlines.

Realizing the importance of this continuity, PRODEC METAL worked on various priorities to maximize ustomer satisfaction by bringing our management team closer together and putting emphasis on their ccountability.
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