Performance - Quality - Traceability.

PRODEC METAL’s Research and Development intervenes in every step of production:
♦ Studies
♦ Testing
♦ Validation
♦ Development
♦ Manufacturing
♦ Follow-up, etc.
It’s a true state of mind dedicated to performance and quality making it possible to provide a specific response to each set of requirements, develop new treatment ranges on a permanent basis, guarantee production compliancy, esthetics, and performance using an environmentally friendly process.
The data and characteristics of each treatment is precisely recorded to guarantee its traceability and history.

PRODEC METAL places its Research & Development team at its clients’ disposal as part of a complete partnership.
By anticipating files or fundamental problems for each individual client, PRODEC METAL makes it possible to optimize results and provides a source for progress which is always greatly desired in high-tech fields via its internal performance and the support of independent or university laboratories.
Lastly, concerned by individual health and safety, preventive and informative campaigns are implemented on a regular basis jointly with those dealing with work station improvement and their environment.